Hand Rolling Tobacco

Looking for Hand Rolling Tobacco in the UK?

Did you know Cheapasmokes.com is one of the leading online tobacconists in the UK? Based in the North West and North East of England, and with an online shop covering the whole of the United Kingdom, Cheapasmokes is your one stop shop for all your tobacco needs including cigarettes, tobacco, cigars and eliquids and Hand Rolling Tobacco.

Hand Rolling Tobacco From Cheapasmokes

Hand Rolling has seen an increase in recent years, due the spike in cigarette prices. This type of tobacco comes in may forms, brand and pack sizes! If you are looking for the best selling brands such as Golden Virginia, Amber Leaf & Gold Leaf then head over to their shop right now and get shopping! Shop here: www.cheapasmokes.com

Hand Rolling now starts at a minimum packet size of 30gm, and currently goes up to 5ogm packets or tubs in the UK, RRP depending on product type. Many brands are now rolling out, (pun intended) volume tobacco specifically designed for rolling and tubing, with JPS Players and Ashford being just a couple of these which are currently on sale at Cheapasmokes.

A couple of our best selling and customer favourites in 2019 have been the Auld Kendal blends which comes in 30gm pouches. Golden Blend, Dark Blend, Green and Georgia are currently on sale and with this being such a high quality blend from Gawith Hoggarth, you pay a little bit more but get a fantastic quality pouch of Hand Rolling Tobacco which does exactly what you want it to do.

Head on over to Cheapasmokes and check out their full range of Hand Rolling Tobacco here: https://www.cheapasmokes.com/collections/hand-rolling-tobacco

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