Condor Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco Review

Looking for an honest Condor Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco Review?

Condor Ready Rubbed is on the UK’s most popular pipe tobaccos, but finding a honest review of that product can be a little hard? We know that not all pipe smokers enjoy the mass produced pipe tobaccos such as Condor Ready Rubbed, but it’s continued quality and pricing structure (It comes in 25gm & 50gm pouches) is constant.

Purchase Condor Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco here.

Condor Pipe Tobacco
Condor Pipe Tobacco

Cheapasmokes have pulled together some customers reviews for this tobacco from several sources, all of which have been tagged below. As of September 2019, this tobacco has an average of 3 stars across the board, for flavour, price, quality and smoke. More smokers would give this a 4 star rating than a 1 star rating by a 51 to 13.

Most would give this a medium to mild rating on the smoke, not overly high on the nicotine hit also. Burley tobaccos are present in the flavour to many smokers and a lot have described it as having high floral notes on the smoke.

Condor Ready Rubbed is currently produced in Poland as of 2019, but the quality blend has not changed. Pricing starts at £7.45 for a 25gm pouch at Cheapasmokes and dispatched the same day if you order before 3pm Monday to Friday.

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