CBD in Consett

Are you looking for CBD in Consett?

Did you know that Park Lane News, Consett sells the award winning ‘LiveWell’ range of CBD products? The demand for CBD products in County Durham has skyrocketed in recent years, due to its use to ease symptoms of various ailments from joint pain and multiple sclerosis to anxiety and depression.

Livewell Flyrer For Online Shop Parcels 2

LiveWell CBD comes in several forms, oral sprays and drops, vapes, bath bombs, tablet form and more. Park Lane News currently stocks the Oral and Vape versions of the most popular, ‘Raw’ and ‘Winterised’. Prices start at well under £10, which has surprised many users!

The feedback from users of this LiveWell CBD in Consett have been quite outstanding, with many users seeing many benefits to their daily lives. Certain customers were taking the oral version for migraines and daily headaches, seeing a real change in a matter of days when taking the oral version as described on the bottle, 4 sprays twice per day. A couple of users were taking it twice per day, but when seeing the benefits, reduced this to once per day or 2 sprays twice per day.

Park Lane News has flyers and more info in store, and you can look at the products to see which is right for you.

To find out more about CBD in Consett and to purchase, you can visit them direct: Park Lane News, Unit 6, The Derwent Centre, Consett. (Opposite Boyes) Call them on 01207 582725

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