Royal Dutch Cigars from Ritmeester

Are you a fan of Royal Dutch Cigars from Ritmeester?

Cheapasmokes stock a wide range of cigars, including the very popular Miniatures, Elites and Half Coronas, all of which are available for guaranteed next day delivery if you order before 3pm Monday to Friday.

Royal Dutch Cigars are brought to you by Danneman and produced to perfection to make sure every cigar is of optimum quality. In the UK’s cigars can be quite confusing, which ones to purchase, do I need a cutter?, will they dry out? etc.

Royal Dutch Cigars from Ritmeester
Royal Dutch Cigars from Ritmeester

You will be pleased to know that the range brought to you by Cheapasmokes do not require cutting and no special storage, they be smoked straight from the packet and enjoyed immediately.

So, let’s take a look at the Royal Dutch Miniatures which are an excellent started cigar for those who are looking to upgrade or try a cigar for the first time. Priced low and with a medium/mild flavour they are not overpowering and also smoke at a good enough rate to enjoy in those moments when time is of the essence!

Cheapasmokes have both the Yellow and Blue varieties in stock, and starting at £7.95 for a packet of 20 down to £7.82 if you purchase a full outer of 10 packets. You can find them here:

You can also get your hands on the Royal Dutch Half Corona and Elite, both coming in single packs or in outers of 5 packets and again you save £££ if you purchase in bulk!

If you are a smoker of Royal Dutch Cigars and are looking to save £££ then have a look at Cheapasmokes. If you are looking at changing your cigars to Royal Dutch, you will find a good deal and great delivery deals from Cheapasmokes. Take a look at their range of Royal Dutch Cigars here:

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