CBD Oils in Leigh and Wigan

Are you looking for CBD Oils in Leigh and Wigan?

CBD is available in our Leigh and Wigan stores and are your leading local stockists of CBD Tinctures (Mouth Drops) and CBD Vape Oils. CBD is a rising trend and in Leigh and Wigan you can now get your hands on it! We sell a range of CBD Oils, from Tinctures which are taken orally to Vape Oils and Shatter.

Lets take a look at CBD Tinctures which are taken orally.


It’s currently available in 2 flavours and 3 strengths from CBD Leigh and Wigan. Berry 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg, Peppermint 250mg and 500mg. We get asked a lot about which strength you should take, and as anyone will tell you it’s impossible for us to say. It depends on your body size, symptom you are trying to alleviate and more. We would always tell our customers to start at the lower level and work up, unless you have a history of using CBD and know the strength you can take.

It’s very easy to take, a couple of drops under the tongue, mix around for 60/90 seconds and swallow. CBD usually takes around 20 minutes for the absorption into your system. It can be taken as needed, but we advise a morning, noon and evening or late evening dose to help alleviate whatever you’re trying to ease, whether it be back pain, knee pain, nausea, migraines, headaches and so much more. We could go on and on about how many things CBD can help with, but we’d be here forever!

So, what about CBD Vape Oils?

CBD Tinctures For Blogs

Yes, Cheapasmokes Leigh and Wigan also stock CBD Vape Oils! Blue Moon Hemp CBD Vape is a premium blend vape. In strengths from 100mg up to 400mg. CBD Vapes are known to absorb quicker into the system, but as we mentioned above, it’s all to do with your body type, if you’re a vaper, smoker etc.

CBD Leigh and Wigan best selling CBD Vape Oil is the Flan 100mg. The lowest level CBD Vape but that does not mean it’s not a superb vape! It’s low priced and comes in a 30ml glass bottle. Depending on your vape style and how much you vape is also dependent on how much CBD you will take into your body, this being why the Blue Moon CBD Vape Oil range starts at just 100mg, as you could be a big vaper, meaning you’d be taking on a lot of CBD during the day as apposed to a couple of drops of 250mg Tincture!

To find out more about CBD Leigh and Wigan’s range, please call us direct on 01254 202234 or email us at sales@cheapasmokes.comWe have several delivery options available, so please call us to find out more!

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