Carlton Superking Red Cigarettes

When it comes to an economy priced cigarette, Carlton Superking Red Cigarettes are one of the UK’s leading brands. For many smokers it comes down to price above quality, but thankfully with Carlton Superking Red Cigarettes you get both! Carlton have been in the UK for several years now, and at one time were a supermarket leading brand. In recent times, Carlton Superking Red Cigarettes have leaked out onto the high street and now stocked in all your leading tobacconists including Cheapasmokes!.

Now, Cheapasmokes sell Carlton Superking Red Cigarettes in their high street branches and also online, the price being the same. You can order online from Cheapasmokes, pay their very low postage rates and have them to your door the next day! No need to leave your house anymore, pay the parking fees or your bus fare! You can get them here, over 18 only:

Carlton Superkings Red Cigarettes

So what makes Carlton Superking Red Cigarettes so good? Well for a start as we mentioned above, the price is what keeps people coming back, plus the tobacco blend. A simple blend of fine tobacco, and thankfully Carlton Superking Cigarettes come in 3 types, Red, Blue and Menthol. Carlton also have Red in the king size length and blue in the king size length also.

To find out more, you must be over the age of 18:


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