Auld Kendal Golden Blend

Auld Kendal Golden Blend, one of the finest Virginia tobacco blends on the market and crafted right here in the UK. Gawith Hoggarth of Kendal blends this fine tobacco, which contains all leaf and no stalk which makes it perfect for hand rolling your own cigarettes and tubing you own.

Auld Kendal Golden Blend
Auld Kendal Golden Blend

Are you a fan of Amber Leaf or Gold Leaf? Auld Kendal Golden Blend will pass all your expectations in quality of smoke, quality of blend and everything else you can think of. Crated from all leaf and no stalk, Gawith Hoggarth surpasses itself in the quality of this pre-packed 30gm tobacco. o flavourings are added, and if you dislike that chemical taste you get from many of the bigger brands, you’ll be glad to know this is not present in this tobacco.

This Auld Kendal Golden Blend has been around for many years in loose 500gm bags, but with the changes to legislation in 2017, Gawith decided it was time to bring in some new ideas and new packets to take on the bigger boys, and to be honest they are succeeding.

Overall this blend as the name suggests is golden, and we are extremely pleased with how it roll,s tubes and smokes and we are sure you will be too. Don’t take our word for it though, with sales rising month on month in the UK for this 30gm tobacco, we know you’ll love it and we know you’ll love the price from!

Find out more and purchase direct:

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