Auld Kendal Georgia Blend

Auld Kendal Georgia Blend from Gawith Hoggarth is one of the finest hand rolling tobaccos on the market today, and hands down beats competitors such as Amber Leaf and Golden Virginia for its fine Virginia quality.

Georgia Blend Banner 700 200 Poly

If you like a fine Virginia hand rolling tobacco then I would consider looking at Auld Kendal Georgia Blend from Gawith Hoggarth. Launched in 2017, Georgia Blend is a mild to medium flavour, no stalk so all you get is fine cut tobacco to roll your own cigarettes or tube your own. That’s right, this fine tobacco is perfect for tubing your own cigarettes and is crafted to do so.

Auld Kendal Georgia Blend is crafted right here in the UK and uses a different leaf mixed in with the premium Virginia to give this tobacco a little more bite, but not as much bite as you’d get from the medium/mixed blend which can be overpowering for many. Georgia Bland has been compared to Golden Virginia for its characteristics, and to be honest we cannot argue with the similarities that you’ll find.

Auld Kendal Georgia Blend is currently available in 30gm pre-packed pouches, and with Cheapasmokes having the lowest prices online currently, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper premium hand rolling tobacco in the UK.

Overall, Auld Kendal Georgia Blend is taking over the market in quality as far as we are concerned. The likes of Amber Leaf and Gold Leaf better watch out, because there’s a new tobacco in town…..

Find and more and purchase direct from Cheapasmokes:


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