Meharis Cigars Buy Online In The UK

Meharis Cigars, a popular type of miniature cigar available in the UK and you can buy them direct from Cheapasmokes. Meharis Cigars come in 3 types, Java, Ecuador and Red Orient. All 3 types come in packs of 10 and measure 99mm in length with a 9mm diameter. Whatever your chosen brand of cigar its highly likely that in the past a cigar smoker has had an encounter with one type of Meharis.

Agio Meharis Red Orient Cigars Online Banner

Is there a favourite, which is the best selling?

To be honest, many of the Meharis Cigars sell the same, with Red Orient probably tipping the scale and coming out on top as the best seller. A vanilla kicking sweet cigar as the name suggests. A personal I might add due to the delicious aromas that emanate from the pack on opening.  Choosing a personal favourite should not however discourage users from trying what they desire, with the Java & Ecuador only being slightly behind in the stakes.

Meharis Java Cigars get their flavour from the Java leaf which is what this cigar is wrapped in, with a secret blend of filler only enlightening the deep sensual aromas on opening the packet and on lighting for an amazing smoke sensation. At 4″ in length, the Meharis Cigars are all perfect for a short smoke at work, or to be enjoyed with a light refreshment at any time of the day.

And finally, we have the Meharis Ecuador! A cooler packaging colour might put many off, the light blue wrapper only hides away 10 amazing miniature cigars which pack away some delicate aromas from the Ecuador wrapper which has been cultivated in the Ecuadorean soil high up in the Andes mountains. The Meharis Ecuador Cigar is slightly delicate in the flavouring and on the palate, so if you like a lighter cigar, try the Meharis Ecuador Cigar, also coming in at just 4″, a fine length of pure cigar indulgence.

Check out Cheapasmokes full range of Meharis Cigars:

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