Alluve Green Slim Cigarettes

Alluve Green Cigarettes. Renamed in 2017 from Allure to Alluve, this brand of slim menthol cigarettes has risen in popularity due to the demise of More Menthol. Alluve are nothing new, slim cigarettes have been around a while, remember the Richmond Superslims? They were a popular cigarette until Imperial Tobacco pulled the plug.

Alluve Poly Banner

So, Alluve are taken over the market in the menthol superslim cigarette range? Well, not completely, as we have several other brands of superslim cigarettes such as Vogue and Silk Cut, but with prices hitting the £9+ in those popular brands, Alluve at just over £8.59 have a reason to gain market share.

So, review?

Ok, lets take a quick look at Alluve. 

Price? As we mentioned, Alluve are coming in at just over £8.59 for 20 slim cigarettes, so they are good on the pocket.


Now, the big one, what do they actually taste like?

If you’re looking for a menthol cigarette which is smooth and not overpowering in the menthol kick, Alluve are ideal. We have recent releases such as Marlboro Ice Blast, which as the name suggests are a blast of ice menthol, and they an be overpowering for many, a bit like super powered chewing gums, which go right through the senses.


Great on quality, we can knock these at all for their quality. A nice blend of tobacco, mild and not harsh on the tongue which many cheaper branded cigarettes can do.

Overall, Alluve Green Slim Cigarettes are a great buy for those of you who are aged 18 and over and are looking for an affordable alternative to More Menthol.

Find out more and purchase online from Cheapasmokes:

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