Red Cloud E-Liquids

Red Cloud E-Liquids, a range of premium cloud based vapes come in 3 exciting flavours, Sculptor, Andromeda, Sputnik and the ever popular Heizenberg! Let’s take a look at the four flavour ranges of Red Cloud, see what in them, take a look at reviews and more….

red cloud full size.jpg

Red Cloud E-Liquids are as the name suggests a cloud based vape, and a best seller in the UK. Red Cloud comes to you direct from, and can be shipped the same day so 99% of the time you can have it the following day…!

So what flavours are available from Red Cloud?

Sculptor, Andromeda, Sputnik and the ever popular Heizenberg!

Red Cloud Sculptor 3mg is a mix of Strawberry, sharp lemon and subtle anise. A fruity blend which has the subtle hint of anise to take the edge of the fruitiness of the strawberry and lemon.

Red Cloud Andromeda 3mg is a blend of strawberries and bananas mixed with mint and absinthe. Fruity on the inhale, minty on the exhale! A real game changed in the flavour department, inhale of fruit and exhale of mint…! This flavour is extremely popular…!

Red Cloud Sputnik 3mg is slightly different, a blend of vanilla, cherry & pistachio. The flavour note is quite remarkable, and is extremely delicious and is slightly offset with a slight hint of pistachio.

And finally, the biggest selling Red Cloud Heizenberg 3mg! A blend of mixed fruits, fresh menthol, and a dash of anise! Heizenberg is a UK blend favourite, and Red Cloud has hit the nail on the head with this fantastic fruity blend with a dash of fresh menthol to give it that extra kick!

What’s in it? What isn’t in it?

A 80% VG – 20% PG blend, no animal extracts, no alcohol, no diacetyl, acetyl propionyl free….!


The reviews speak for themselves, a 5 star all round and the customer feedback is pretty much outstanding! We have never seen anyone disappointed with Red Cloud over the whole flavour range, it’s just a matter of fine tuning which flavour blend is the one you’ll love……!

Find out more and purchase direct from

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