Condor Blended Tobacco 50gm Pouch

Condor Blended Tobacco in recent months has not been available due to stock shortages from the manufacturers, but we are now glad to confirm that Condor Blended Tobacco is back on the shelves and back in stock at

Condor Polygon

What can you say about Condor Blended Tobacco that is already known? A best seller in the UK for many reasons, it’s brand name which has been around for many years, it’s quality which never falters! Many Condor smokers stick by Condor, and we can see why.

It’s a mild blended tobacco as the name suggests, lighter than it’s relative Condor Ready Rubbed. It’s as mild as many like, it’s also slow burning. Condor Blended Tobacco does however have a bit of a reputation of not being the best in the world, with many long standing pipe smokers staying well clear! We feel however that Condor Blended Tobacco is loved by many and will be for many years to come. If you like what you smoke, why change? Many stick by Condor and with a tobacco giant holding the branding, we cannot see the quality lowering any time soon.

Check out and their listing of Condor Blended Tobacco and the full range here:

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