Logic LQD Liquids

Logic LQD Liquid is starting to become a popular vaping liquid in the UK, and at Cheapasmokes they have some of the cheapest prices in the UK for Logic LQD Liquids, Vaping Machines and Accessories.

Logic LQD Tank

For those of you who haven’t heard of Logic LQD, it’s UK made vaping liquids available in the UK, in several strengths and in several flavours. Vaping has literally exploded on the market in Britain, and now is the time that many customers find it confusing and are now being overpowered with the amount of liquids on the market. Logic LQD is nothing new, but it is something different in quality, it’s brand name and it’s price.

So, the strengths?

Logic LQD Liquid is available in 2 strengths, 12mg & 18mg. Now for those of you who are used to a strong vape, 18mg which is the highest strength available in the UK now, is a perfect vape for those who like a kick to their liquids. 18mg is available across the range of flavours currently in the shops and at Cheapasmokes.com/logicLQD.

Flavours? Let’s talk flavours…!

Simplicity is key with Logic LQD Liquids, and to keep it simple, Logic LQD is available in Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Berry Mint and Strawberry. What you have to remember is that Logic LQD is owned by JTI, one of the worlds largest tobacco companies, who have spent a lot of money researching flavours and strengths, and these are by far the most popular flavours that vapers are buying in the UK….!

Tobacco & Menthol are huge selling flavours in the Logic LQD range, and the flavours speak for themselves in feedback which is online, and Cheapasmokes.com customers love, and if you-re looking for that bit of something different, Berry Mint, Vanilla and Strawberry are also extremely delicious!



Something that is growing to be of the highest importance in recent years. Yes, Logic LQD Liquids are made right here in the UK! The amount of feedback and questions in recent years to find out where the E liquids are coming from is staggering. Logic is made in the UK, and delivered direct to your door and fantastic low prices thanks to Cheapasmokes.com. Remember, Cheapasmokes has some of the lowest prices online in the UK, and with some of the lowest P&P rates, we think you’ll find it hard to beat them….!

So, overall?

Logic LQD Liquids, are UK made, safe, some of the best on the market. If you’re serious about quitting smoking or vaping, Logic LQD Liquids could be what you’re looking for!

Find out more and purchase: https://www.cheapasmokes.com/collections/logic-lqd

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