Gawith Hoggarth Hand Rolling Tobacco

Gawith Hoggarth Hand Rolling Tobaccos which are created and blended right here in the UK, are one of the finest Hand Rolling Tobaccos available. The quality is pretty untouchable, and currently available in 3 blends, Golden Blend, Georgia Blend and Green (Menthol). 30 gram pre packed pouches are available from and at one of the lowest prices you will find online…..guaranteed!

Georgia Blend Banner 700 200 Poly

So why are Gawith Hoggarth Hand Rolling Tobaccos so good?

Let’s look at Gawith Hoggarth Golden Blend Hand Rolling Tobacco. A premium blend of Virginia leaves pre packed in a 30 gram pouch. If you’re used to Virginia blends and are a smoker of Gold Leaf or Amber Leaf we think you’ll love the AK Golden Blend 30gm pouch, and not just for the lowest cost you’ll find online or in shops from It’s a fine cut hand rolling tobacco and comes sealed in a pouch to keep the product fresh. Same day dispatch from Cheapasmokes on all stock items.

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Gawith Hoggarth Georgia Blend Hand Rolling Tobacco?

Georgia blend? Not something you have heard of or are familiar with? Georgia Blend from Gawith Hoggarth is a new product for 2017, and is starting to rise in sales due once again to it’s premium quality of Burley leaves. Available as per the Golden Blend in a 30 gram pouch, and direct from at the lowest price online!

Georgia Blend is very similar to Golden Virginia in blend and is fine cut for superb hand rolling. This blend is one of our best sellers and our customers love its flavour and our low price!

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And finally, Auld Kendal Green Hand Rolling Tobacco!

Green, don’t you mean menthol? Yes we do, but due to the changes in UK legislation the name of menthol products have been changed to ‘Green’ so if you’re wondering why your looking for menthol tobacco and can’t fine it…… AK Green from Gawith Hoggarth is one of only several ‘Menthol’ tobaccos on the market and we have to say, one of the finest! Available as per the above in 30 gram sealed pouches, the AK green is a fine cut and really is a superb blend of Virginia topped with a menthol flavouring that you might be looking for!

Find out more and purchase:

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