Fosters Tobacco

Fosters Tobacco, a range of smoking tobaccos which have risen in popularity in recent years due to price increase and the demand for cheap smoking tobaccos. Fosters Tobacco is available in 3 varieties, Fosters Mixed, Fosters Gold and Fosters Menthol. Fosters Tobacco also comes in 3 pack sizes, 12.5 gram, 25 gram & 50 gram pouches.

Fosters Mixed 12.5 gram tobacco buy online polygon

You might be wondering how you can buy Fosters Tobacco in 12.5 gram pouches? That’s because Fosters is not a hand rolling tobacco and is not cut to be used as such. Fosters is a smoking tobacco and is a larger cut, not suitable for hand rolling your own cigarettes.

Fosters continues to be a growing brand of tobacco and we are sure the low price and small weight packages are the main reason. If you are looking for an affordable, cheap way to smoke, Fosters Tobacco is a definite choice. The stronger Fosters Mixed is for those who like a kick to their smoke, with the Gold coming in a little smoother. Fosters Menthol is a strong contender for one of the best budget Menthol tobaccos on the market, and at you can be assured of the lowest price on these tobaccos and the lowest postage and packing to UK destinations only.

Find out more about Fosters Tobacco and purchase online:

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