Logic LQD Tank

Looking for Logic LQD Tank at the cheapest price online?

Logic LQD, a reasonably new e-liquid system is starting to take hold of the UK vaping market due to it’s mass exposure. If you’re looking for a Logic LQD Tank, and with cheap postage in the UK, then Cheapasmokes.com is what you need…!


What is the Logic LQD Tank?

First of all, it’s simple. It’s no nonsense, it’s easy to use, it’s safe, very reliable, premium quality. If you are a vaper, but don’t want the fuss of ‘what does this do?’, and ‘what power do I need?’, ‘where does the liquid go?’. The vaping market has become flooded with over inflated priced machines, that do too much, most of it you do not need!

The Logic LQD Tank system, is great for the vaper who is looking for simply quality, at a low price. We have looked at the Logic system before in detail, and at what they do, you can read that post here. We don’t really want to go over the finer details again, we just want to tell you how good the Logic LQD Tank is, how simple it is to use, how affordable it is, how safe it is.

Lots of vapers have young children, and with e liquids basically being a poison, if they drink or get the liquid into their mouths, you can be in trouble. What the Logic LQD system does, is bring you the highest safeguards on the market. The liquids will not dispense without the lid being in place on the bottom if the bottle, so no drips or spills. Taking off the lid will mean the liquid will not pour out, a great safety feature I’m sure you will agree.

Logic LQD Tank

The Logic LQD Tank is silicone sealed for extra protection to prevent any leaks from the tank, another great safety feature added in. It is designed to be the best and safest on the market here in the UK, and we think they have done a fine job in doing so. As with most tanks, the machine is designed to be locked, and by pressing the power button 5 times, this either activates the device or locks it.

Logic LQD Liquids.

At present there are 6 flavours available, Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Berry Mint & Strawberry. They come in strengths of 12mg and 18mg depending on which flavour you choose, but a larger range of flavours must be on the horizon soon…! Overall the Logic LQD Tank is a nice piece of kit, premium quality, easy to use, clean, safe and efficient.

Find out more: https://www.cheapasmokes.com/collections/logic-lqd

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