How To Use A Swan Tubing Machine

Want to know how to use a Swan Tubing Machine? It’s pretty straight forward, and I’ll show you how with some simple steps. The full instructions are supplied with the Swan Tubing Machines here.

The Swan Tubing Machine makes filling your empty cigarette tubes with tobacco simple, and easy.

  1. Open the Swan Tubing Machine and place your chosen tobacco in the empty slot. Use the tamper supplied to make sure the tobacco is nicely in to slot.
  2. Place your Swan Tube onto the nozzle at the end of the machine.

Swan Machine Banner 700 x 200 Polygon

  1. Close the lid.
  2. Simply slide the machine left to right or right to left depending on your chosen hand. The Swan Tubing Machine has a non slip bottom which grips well on solid surfaces.
  3. Finished, you have made the perfect cigarette!

It’s as easy as that, a quality tubing machine from Swan! We have been testing this machine for a few weeks, we’ve made hundreds of cigarettes and they have been perfect every time! It’s no nonsense, easy to use, sturdy and will last for a long time if you look after it.

If you were looking for How To Use A Swan Tubing Machine, that’s all there is to it. It’s a 3 step system, place your tobacco in, place your tube on the nozzle, closes and slide! There are other tubing machines on the market such as the ‘Make Your Own’ one which is available here from, but we must say we prefer the Swan Tubing Machine over that one. The Swan machine is only 20p cheaper than the ‘Make Your Own’ system, but the saving means nothing because we think the quality is better.

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