Castella Cigars

Castella cigars, a name famous in the UK for a quality cigar available in most high street retailers, supermarkets and tobacconists. In recent years and with the decline of tobacco sales in general, Castella cigars have been disappearing from shop shelves, but we are glad to report and good selection of Castella cigars can be found at

So, are Castella cigars ant good? Do they still live up to the standard they used to be? Lets take a short review and find out more.

Castella Panatella Banner 700 x 200 Polygon

Firstly, Castella cigars come in several pack sizes, packs of 5, packs of 10 and in multi-packs of 25 cigars. You also have the choice of the larger Castella ‘Panatella’. Value wise, as with most items the more yo buy the more you save and it’s the same with Cheapasmokes. Savings can be made on the multi-packs, but you will pay a higher postage rate unless you use their ‘Buy & Collect’ service.

Quality: Many cigar aficionados are not a fan of mass produced cigars, but sadly we can’t all afford the same higher quality brands. It’s a blend of Cuban & Java leaf which does make a nice blend, smooth and not overpowering. They are one of the most popular cigars in the UK, so that must mean something, because as we all know the UK buying public like a good quality at a good price.

Overall: As we mentioned, Castella Cigars are one of the UK’s best selling, and that really does speak volumes. It does not mean its the best, but you get what you pay for, and the Castella is up there with one of the affordable cigars you can buy easily!

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