Swan Menthol Filter Tips

Are you looking for Swan Menthol Filter Tips online?

At Cheapasmokes they sell a large range of Swan products, and Swan filter tips are some of their most popular, with the Swan Menthol Filter Tips being their number best selling menthol tip. So why are these so popular, are they any good, are they good quality, how strong is the menthol in these tips? Lets take a look and review Swan Menthol Filter Tips.

Swan Menthol Filter Tips Polygon

What Do They Do: Several things, add a menthol kick to your hand rolled cigarette, strengthen the cigarette tip end, and stop tobacco from leaking and entering the mouth on smoking.

Size: These 5.5mm Swan Menthol Filter Tips come in packs of 120, and are in cellophane wrappers of 6, which help seal in the menthol freshness.

Strength: Not an over powerful menthol flavouring, if you’re looking for that extra special kick, Cheapasmokes also sell the Bull Brand Super Menthol Tip.

Quality: As with all Swan filter tips the quality is outstanding every time. Packaging is great, menthol strength stays cool and refreshing all the way through the pack if stored correctly. Cannot fault these tips in anyway.

Available Here: https://www.cheapasmokes.com/collections/filter-tips-1/products/swan-menthol-extra-slim-tips


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