Rizla Cigarette Rolling Machine

Are you looking for Rizla Cigarette Rolling Machines?

Here at Cheapasmokes, we stock a wide variety of Cigarette Rolling Machines and the Rizla Roller is by far one of the highest quality and best selling.

Rizla Banner Polygon

Rizla, a name synonymous with cigarettes and rolling papers is a world leader for quality and value, and here at Cheapasmokes you can be-assured of the lowest prices and best service, with most items being shipped the very same day. We also have some of the lowest P&P prices in the UK, so don’t be ripped off with over inflated P&P costs.

So, the Rizla Cigarette Rolling Machine. Are you looking for a quality item? If so, then I wouldn’t even look at another rolling machine! Let’s take a look and review the Rizla Regular Rolling Machine.

Size: It’s quiet compact, not overly big but slightly larger than the Bull Brand Roller. Coming in at just over 80mm wide, and with a height of 25mm, it’s not the smallest roller on the market.

Weight: Again, not the lightest rolling machine out there, but with a sturdy aluminium design, this bulky and substantial Rizla Rolling Machine is built to stand the test of time.

Overall: A snap shut mechanism, a replaceable rolling blind, Rizla quality, heavy and sturdy. To be honest, this rolling machine sells itself, and coming in at just over £2.00 plus P&P from Cheapasmokes, you cannot go wrong….!


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