Logic LQD Special Offers

Logic LQD Special offers are currently available at Cheapasmokes.com, where they are offering 3 x Logic LQD E-Liquids for only £11.97 plus P&P!.

Yes, you can get 3 x Logic LQD E-Liquids in the flavour of your choice for only £11,97! Amazing value, with most high street retailers selling this at the RRP of £4.99 per 10ml bottle. To take advantage of this offer, just head on over to Cheapasmokes.com, add 3 of flavour choices to the basket! It’s that simple, no gimmicks, no discounts just low cost to you the customer.

Banner LQD 1

Current Logic LQD flavours available are Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Berry Mint & Strawberry. They come in 12ml & 18ml strengths depending on your flavour choice. This is a Logic LQD Special Offer that is not to be missed, with no end date listed if you are an LQD E-Liquid user then I would take advantage of this money saving offer ASAP!

Checkout the Logic LQD Special Offer at Cheapasmokes.com now: https://www.cheapasmokes.com/collections/logic-lqd


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