Logic LQD Reviewed

Reviewing Logic LQD Tank and E liquids.

The Logic LQD Tank and Liquids have been hitting UK stores now for a while, so lets review the Logic LQD range, including the Tank and the E-Liquids, both of which are brought to you by JTI. The UK E-liquid market has become flushed with so many its hard to know which is any good, and hopefully this review of Logic LQD Ecigs will help you decide.

Logic LQD Review

Firstly we must point out the the Logic LQD Tank is only designed to be used with LQD liquids, and Cheapasmokes do not recommend using any other liquids in the tank, their website clearly states that.

So, is it any good?

Firstly, many people go off first impressions, and at first glance it looks excellent. The packaging is of high quality, the presentation is second to none, and the price is inline with high street shops. Logic has set the RRP’s on all of it’s products, so at least you know what you should be paying.

What’s inside?

Inside, on opening you are presented with 4 sections which contain the battery, the tank, atomiser and charger. Full instructions are included for use in the packet. The tank when assembled is nice in the hands, and has coating to give it a non slip feel. The tank is dual voltage and has 2 settings, high at 4.2v and low at 3.6v. It’s a no nonsense tank, simple to use.

  • The tank is designed to fill up to 1.9ml of Logic LQD E-Liquid.
  • Micro USB Charging port
  • Variable Voltage
  • Soft Touch Finish
  • Leak Resistant Silicone Seal


Using the Logic LQD Tank.

On first use, the item needs priming, and instructions for how to do so are included in the packet. Logic LQD Liquid must be used to get you up and running, with 8 drops of liquid needed in the atomiser to make sure it vapes in the correct way.

Overall Review: After using this device for several days, I was very pleased with how it performed, how it charged and how it stayed clean. I opted for Logic LQD Menthol E-Liquid, which I prefer over the other flavours, more on that below!

Logic LQD E-Liquid next!

So, the Logic LQD E-Liquid! What can you say about the quality? Well quite a lot actually, as it;s extremely good. Most vapers will choose quality and flavouring over price, and I am pleased to say both the quality and price are excellent. 10ml, which is now the legal limit for E-Liquid sales in the UK, coming in at £3.99 online from Cheapasmokes, link here. I used the 12ml strength as I find sometimes 18ml can be a little overpowering, so didn’t want to chance it. If all the flavours are of the same quality, then I’d be happy!

Banner LQD 1

The flavour range is limited to Tobacco, Menthol, Berry Mint, Strawberry, Vanilla and Cherry at the moment, but I’m sure the range will expand in due course. Several strengths from 12ml to 18ml at present over the range.

So, overall!

A final review of the Logic LQD Tank and E liquids, is very positive and a welcome range to the UK market. Quality is excellent, product range is limited but still excellent and I’m sure it will expand the flavours in the near future.

Check out the full Logic LQD range here: https://www.cheapasmokes.com/collections/logic-lqd

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