Grassleaf Grinder

Looking for Grassleaf Grinders online?

Grassleaf, a name famous for spice grinders around the world, and here at Cheapasmokes we only sell genuine Grassleaf products, do not be fooled by fake products sold on auction sites! This review is for the Grassleaf Magnetic Shark Teeth Grinders in regular size and in the mini variety.

Grassleaf Grinder Magnetic

So, Grassleaf Grinders, how good are they, what do they do, how big are they, how much do they weigh? Lets review a couple of our best selling Grassleaf Grinders.

Size: The Grassleaf Grinder is available in a regular size and now in mini form. The regular sized grinder is just under 60mm in diameter and 25mm in depth when all 3 parts are connected. The Grassleaf Mini Grinder is 40mm in diameter and 20mm  deep.

Weight: Extremely lightweight on both grinders, only a couple of grams in weight.

Overall Review: The magnetic design is perfect, not overpowering and keeps it in place. The lid is great for storage of ground spices and holds in place firmly. The teeth are hard wearing and will last a long time if used correctly. Simple packaging, no nonsense. Grassleaf are market leaders and as such have a great following for grinders, and here at Cheapasmokes we know what our customers like and they love these Grassleaf Acrylic Grinders….!

Available Here:

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