Condor Pipe Tobacco

Do you have a problem getting hold of Condor Pipe Tobacco?

In recent months, Condor Pipe Tobacco is becoming a rarity in high street shops in the UK, and with many major supermarkets delisting certain tobacco products, trying to find that tobacco product you love, is becoming a bit of a nightmare.

Condor Polygon

Condor is on of the UK’s leading pie tobaccos, but as many major supermarkets and high street retailers are delisting certain products from their shelves, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of certain tobaccos, with many smokers being forced to go online to track down their favourite items. Here in the UK, tobacco has gone through many changes in recent years, including the 2017 legislation changes to packaging, with cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco all being in plain packaging, but with pipe tobaccos and cigars missing out on the brunt of the changes, well for now at least.

During the months of June, July & August trying to buy Condor Pipe Tobaccos was almost impossible in the UK, but now we can finally say Condor Pipe Tobacco is returning to the shelves of many tobacconists, including Cheapasmokes….!

So, what Condor Pipe Tobacco is currently available?

Condor is available in 3 varieties. Ready Rubbed, Long Cut & Blended. 

Condor Ready Rubbed is the most popular of the 3 by far, and the reviews for this pipe tobacco are pretty good to say the least. Across the board, Condor Ready Rubbed gets 4 stars among many of the smokers who have tried or are long time smokers of this product. Many review this as a strong tobacco, with several commenting that if you are not used to medium to strong blends, this might be overpowering. It stays lit in the pipe, even if left for a few minutes, has undertones of mature flavours likened to earth flavours of strong mature cheese and stout. Many also comment on notes of grass and even a touch of Burley in their.

So, if you’re looking for Condor Pipe Tobaccos and are struggling in the UK to get hold of them, Cheapasmokes can supply you with same day dispatch on most items, low postage costs and an excellent customer service to make sure you are 100% happy, every time…!

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