Agio Meharis Cigars

Agio Meharis Cigars, are what I would call a miniature cigar. Coming in at 100mm in length, and in packs of ten from Cheapasmokes. 3 varieties are currently available online, Red Orient, Java and Ecuador. So where do you start? Let’s take a short review of the Agio Meharis Red Orient Cigar.

Agio Meharis Red Orient Cigars Online Banner

The Red Orient Cigar from Agio Meharis, a Java leaf wrapped around the finest tobacco filler which has the slight sweet hint of vanilla. This latest release from Meharis has been welcomed by cigar smokers and Cheapasmokes customers alike. Not huge on smoking time, coming in at a short 10/15 minutes depending on the smoker, can be as much as 20 minutes by some, but perfect for those not wanting a long smoke. The delicious flavour hints of sweet vanilla, on opening the pack is very moorish.

A welcome release from Agio and available from Cheapasmokes here:


Agio Mehari's Red Orient Cigars Polygon

Agio Meharis Java, a classic cigar from Agio which has been on shop shelves since the mid 70’s! In that time, Agio Java has grown into a classic miniature cigar amongst many. The Java blend in this cigar is found to be slightly spicy due to the Java leaves being used. A delightful smoke, not overpowering and light ash as you’d expect to find in such a cigar. Coming in at 100mm in length, same as the Red Orient.

Agio Java Cigars Available Online From Cheapasmokes:

Agio Ecuador Online Banner Polygon

Agio Meharis Ecuador, might come third in our list of Agio cigars, but that no way means it’s any lesser of a quality cigar from Agio!. There is a lot to be said about the quality of this cigar, down to how they protect the Java leaves used in production. A great little cigar, the Agio Meharis Ecuador is perfect to be enjoyed with a light alcoholic refreshment, and comes in at the same as the other two above, 100mm in length and same smoking time 10/15 minutes. Perfect for summer BBQ’s, or that everyday smoke if miniature cigars are your smoke of choice. Low price once again from Cheapasmokes, low P&P also meaning these are some of the cheapest Agio cigars available online in the UK!

Agio Meharis Ecuador are available here:

So overall, the reviews for the Agio Meharis Cigars are very favourable. Online review by other smokers come in at above 4 stars on average, and I would agree. Great quality, great aromas and undertones in these Agio cigars, light, short on smoke time and not heavy on the pocket.

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